1- European Risk Management Seminar 2020: adding a virtual component to the event in Antwerp!

The website is live and registrations are open: https://www.ferma-seminar.eu/ . In a context of COVID19 outbreak and uncertainty as regards to the situation in autumn, the FERMA Seminar taking place in Antwerp on 12-13 October will include a virtual component with an online platform linking individual participants and European clusters in duplex to give the possibility to those who are unable to travel to join the Seminar. FERMA is closely monitoring the developments and will be able to switch to a fully virtual event in case of a second wave. FERMA member associations are invited to express their interest in hosting a European cluster in their city and join the Seminar using the FERMA virtual platform.

Please inform Véronique if you plan to organise a cluster by 15 July.


2- The European Risk Manager Report 2020 is available for download

This year’s report is now available on our website. You will also find the PowerPoint presentation with the full set of results. This 2020 edition is the opportunity to deepen four challenges that the Risk Manager is facing today: his growing role in digital transformation, his contribution to sustainability, facing tougher insurance market conditions and his skills evolution. The key findings were presented during our live webinar on 29 June which gathered 250 participants. You are welcome to view the replay here.

What’s next?

  • The country fiches will be ready by end of this week. We will ask the president of each association to share a quote in order to illustrate and promote each country’s results.
  • A European Map presenting the risk manager’s profile data will be available on our website and also in a printed version (A2 poster format). Please contact us if you would like us to send some posters by mail.
  • Why not organise your own webinar presenting the local results? The content is ready to be translated and your risk managers are eager to share views at national level. Please do not hesitate to contact Laetitia in you are looking for support in organising such virtual exchange.

3- COVID-19 Outbreak Special Award 

FERMA and Commercial Risk Europe decided to add a COVID19 Outbreak Special Award to this year’s European Risk Management Awards to reward an individual risk manager who has shown excellence in creating and implementing their COVID-19 crisis management strategy and setting up and rolling out of the recovery plan.

Eligibility criteria and application are available on the website.

The awards ceremony will take place on 8 December at the Sheraton Grand Park Lane in London.

4- EIOPA: shared Resilience Solution for pandemic risks

Following the release of its position paper on a “Resilience Framework for Catastrophic Risks”, FERMA is currently discussing with EIOPA and other relevant stakeholders from the Insurance Industry on the establishment of a Shared Resilience Solution to pandemic risks. FERMA defends the development of a multi-layer framework based on a combination of risk management methodologies, insurance solutions and public guarantee. An official paper should be issued by the end of the month.


5- FERMA’s responses to European consultations

FERMA has recently contributed to several public consultations from the European Commission. This month, we submitted a response to the public consultation on the review of the Non-Financial Reporting Directive and we released a position paper providing insights on the European Commission’s White Paper on Artificial Intelligence. Currently, the sustainability committee is working on a response to a consultation on Renewed Sustainable Finance Strategy. The deadline for submission is fixed on 15th July.


6- Covid-19 updates

As the government response to the COVID19 crisis evolve, FERMA regularly update its COVID19 monitoring report. This report is intended to provide a high-level summary of ongoing initiatives at EU level to mitigate the effects of the coronavirus crisis and a brief description of national deconfinement and recovery measures in each member state. It is intended to be a collaborative project: FERMA contributes with EU-level updates while members are invited to share news from their respective states. Detailed contributor guidelines can be found on the first page of the document, along with a Table of Contents that has been hyperlinked to each section heading


7- Rimap: extracts of the manuals publicly available

You are now able to consult extracts of the rimap learning material on FERMA website.


8- FERMA Informal Members Meeting and General Assembly 2020

Due to the COVID19 lockdown and travel bans across Europe, we could not meet in person for the General Assembly this year. Thank you for your participation in the online Informal Members Meeting on 23 June, during which the agenda items of the General Assembly were presented, deliberated and voted. The President’s activity, the slides and results of the votes are available here. The General Assembly (GA) took place in the afternoon with the participation of Adri van der Waart (President of NARIM), Gaëtan Lefèvre (President of BELRIM), Dirk Wegener (representing GVNW with a proxy), Jo Willaert (Board member of BELRIM) and Typhaine Beaupérin (FERMA CEO). The GA confirmed the votes that took place at the Informal Members’ Meeting. This year, seven board members were elected.

The GA was also the occasion to publish the 2020 FERMA Network Booklet taking into account your updates and a new member in our network: the Hellenic Association of Risk Managers or HARIMA (H.A.RI.MA). For any questions about the network booklet, please contact Laetitia (laetitia.fung@ferma.eu).