Member Bulletin, Junio 2021.

What’s new in our Advocacy work? 

1- FERMA shares feedback with European Commission on legislative proposal for a corporate sustainability reporting directive.

On 24 June, FERMA submitted a position paper to the European Commission as feedback on its legislative proposal for a corporate sustainability reporting directive (CSRD), which will effectively replace the non-financial reporting directive. In its comments FERMA underlined the important role of risk managers in the topic of sustainability and urged the Commission to clarify the concept and practical requirements relating to double materiality. Read the full position paper here.

2- FERMA welcomes EIOPA proposals for open insurance, but says corporate perspective is missing

On 5 May, FERMA published its position paper on open insurance, in light of an EIOPA discussion paper and consultation on the topic. FERMA encouraged EIOPA to more explicitly address the perspective of corporate insurance buyers in its analysis of the topic, since this is an important market segment for overall economic resilience. EIOPA’s reflections on the topic will be fed into the European Commission, which is anticipated to make a legislative proposal on Open Finance – of which insurance is part – in 2022.

3- EIOPA IRSG letter urges progress on shared resilience solutions at EU-level

On 10 June, EIOPA’s insurance and reinsurance stakeholder group (IRSG) submitted advice to EIOPA on enhancing the EU’s resilience to future pandemics and other large and complex risks (link here). FERMA is part of the IRSG and contributed to the letter. In its advice the IRSG welcomed the creation of the European Commission’s inter-service working group to explore solutions to enhance protection against damages of future pandemics. However, the IRSG expressed concern progress has stalled on the topic both at EU- and national level.

4- General Assembly hears of FERMA’s activities for recovery and resilience 

Dirk Wegener was re-elected Board member and President. Laurence Eeckman, Vice President Group Risk Management AB Electrolux and a member of SWERMA, was elected Board member.


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